My Journey

Going a Day Without My Phone Changed My Life

A lovely day was unfolding until this happened to me.

It was a Friday, Memorial weekend, which means a long weekend is coming up. I woke up on time that day and had a light breakfast. I kissed my wife and left for work with a smile on my face.

Everything was terrific until I grabbed my headphones to listen to some music and realized that my phone wasn’t with me.

This has happened to me several times before, but each time I had the chance to go back home and grab my phone.

But it was different this time. The bus was already here and I’d not have time to go back home. Otherwise, I’d miss it.

I got on the bus with a bizarre feeling. I felt lost, anxious, and sad. As the bus was leaving, I was wondering what I would do with my life without my phone.

It felt like I was an alien visiting another planet. Everything looked different and new to me.

The immediate change that I noticed was I was more aware of my surroundings. I could enjoy nature and be in a perfect mood.

My phone always got my full attention. From checking what’s hot on Twitter, to checking my emails, to reading some interesting posts on Reddit and Quora, I was totally glued to my phone.

And it doesn’t stop here. I use my phone all the time and everywhere and this was sabotaging my day. This routine was bad for my wellbeing because it was a major source of distraction and stress.

I had the most relaxed and productive day ever. I feel more present and mindful about how I’m feeling rather than letting all the bad news happening in the world control my emotions.

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