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4 Tips on Dealing With Pushy Salespeople

This is a real story about a salesperson that refused to take NO for an answer. I hope you’ll learn how to deal with pushy salespeople and avoid falling victim to their pushy sales tactics.

During a rainy day, I just finished breakfast and was working on my computer in the living room, when someone knocked at the door.

I looked in the peephole and saw a young lady. I asked her what did she want. And she said she was opening a new carpet cleaning business in the area and would clean my carpet for free.

She said she wanted to build a client base and handed me a little flyer with some quick information.

I was like, why not?

I hate cleaning, and someone would clean my carpet for free. I’m all in.

She took my apartment number, and said someone will be right with me in ten minutes.

That’s how my day turned into a nightmare which I wished I woke and never slept back again.

Five minutes later she came back with a young smiling guy, which was her husband, to clean the carpet. She left afterward.

The guy dumped a big box and a medium-size bag into my apartment. I was excited, it’s cleaning day. BINGO.

I let a salesperson into my apartment

When the guy started to put together those complicated parts of the vacuum and asked me if I have heard of Kirby, I realized I just let a salesman into my apartment to make a sales pitch.

I was like whatever, I’m not buying crap. Not today, not tomorrow, and not anytime soon.

Do yourself a favor, never let a salesperson into your home.

He started cleaning my living room and showed me how dirty the carpet was. I was like no way; I vacuumed two days ago and we have no kids, neither pets. So, how could that be?

He switched parts like brush, hose and cleaned my sofas, the pillows, the air-conditioning vent. He literally tried the vacuum everywhere in my apartment.

The guy even had me try it on my mattress, which has a cover on it. The amount of dirt that came out amazed me.

The whole demo and presentation took around 3 hours. Yes, 3 whole hours, I’m not kidding.

Now comes the truth to talk about the price.

First sales pitch

He asked me for a pen and wrote on one of those little pads that he used for the demonstration.

first salespeople's sale pitch

His first sales pitch was, the vacuum costs $2695.

I’d get a $600 discount, which includes:

  • $200 for my old vacuum if I traded it, which didn’t bother at all.
  • $200 for a contest he’s taking part, which I don’t care and hope he loses.
  • Another $200, which I don’t remember what it was for. I wasn’t paying that much attention since I know deep inside I’d never pay over $2500 for a vacuum.

I would pay $95 per month over the course of 78 monthly installments payment. While he kept talking about how great the vacuum was, I quickly did the math. I would pay $7410 for the vacuum. That’s $5315 interest.

Holy sh*t. That’s just beyond insane.

After he made his first sales pitch, I think I laughed out loud for a good minute inside my mind.

First, I didn’t know a vacuum could cost that much. Who knows, since people are buying smartphones that cost over $1000, and some even cost almost $2000. Yes, that’s the world we live in.

I politely declined the offer and let him know that I’m not interested in buying a vacuum now. I went even further to give my reasons, which I didn’t have to. It’s none of his business.

Oh boy did I push the wrong button? I think I did.

The guy began more and more pushy.

He said all the things a salesperson would say to get you to buy their stuff. I was firm with my decision. I told him if I will ever buy a vacuum in the future, I’ll take this brand into consideration.

That was not what he wanted to hear. He just wanted me to buy the damn vacuum.

Second sales pitch

The guy grabbed his phone and called someone, probably his supervisor or manager. After mumbling something over the phone, he came back to me, grabbed another pad, and wrote a couple things on it. That was his second sales pitch as seen in the picture below.

Second salespeople's sale pitch

I’d get the demo model, which he said it’s brand new, for $1605. Of course, he’d say it’s brand new. I can’t imagine how many times he’s been using that demo model. I’d pay $5 down with $63 per month over 36 monthly payment plan.

That’s $2273 with an interest of $668.

Again this time, I didn’t fall for his pitch. I stood firm with my decision, but I also started to get annoyed by him. At this point, I just wanted him to leave.

He started telling me he needs to sell five or ten vacuums per month to win a trip to Florida. And that was the last one he needed to sale to win the trip. Please help me out, blah blah blah …

Well, I needed to go to Florida myself to visit my family and this salesperson was asking me to help him win a free resort to Florida.

I sit on a stool bar in the kitchen with my arms crossed, and said nothing to him so he could stop talking, pack his stuff and leave. There was a moment of silence, then he started to realize that I was serious about not buying the vacuum.

Third sales pitch

He again called somebody over the phone to see if he could get the price down again to persuade me to buy it.

Third salespeople's sale pitch

This was his last pitch before my wife ruined everything. I’d get the vacuum for $995 with a $0 down payment and $38.50 per month over 36 monthly installments payment.

That’s $1386 with a $392 interest included.

That didn’t move a bit. I was firm with my decision, and keep repeating myself, every time he was more persistent.

The salesman became aggressive, at some point he even dropped the F-bomb at me inside of my own apartment. He was like are you fucking kidding me? You cannot even afford 38 bucks a month?

I was like nope, I can’t even afford my current bills.

I stay calm and didn’t lose my temper at any time, which wouldn’t be rude if I was because the guy wouldn’t leave my apartment.

My wife ruined everything

“It’s fine baby. I’ll take it.” said my wife. There was pity in her voice.

I was like are you sure, baby?

She replied, yes boo it’s fine, don’t worry.

I could see the smile all over the guy’s face like a predator that finally got its prey.

The guy quickly prepared the paperwork while talking on the phone with his boss.

I said baby they will run your credit and this might hurt your credit score. I felt so bad about it because I let the guy in and now he took advantage of my wife.

Of course, she could have said NO like I did, but she was sensitive to the needs of the salesman that only care about himself.

Screenshot of iMessage conversation

I tried, with no luck, to convince my wife to revert her decision.

I had a bittersweet feeling when the salesman finally finished the paperwork. Everything happened so fast after my wife accepted to buy the vacuum. The guy told us a bunch of lies about the warranty which I found out after he left.

I afterward had a sit-down with my wife about the purchase and was able to cancel everything the next day.

What you can learn

What can you learn from my experience?

How to handle pushy door-to-door salespeople?

If you live in an area where solicitations are not prohibited, be prepared to get flooded with door-to-door salespeople, especially during summer.

I didn’t know door-to-door sales were still a thing since we got technology at our fingertips. If you need anything, you just google it or go straight to Amazon.

1. Identify a salesperson

The salespeople will never let you know right away that they’re here to sell you a product. They’ll instead offer you a free service that will be appealing to you so they can get inside of your home.

In my case, I legit thought they owned a cleaning carpet business. They’d clean my carpet for free so they can get exposure and potentially convert me as a client in the future. However, they were actually selling the vacuum.

2. Don’t let them in your house

If a salesperson knocks on your door, don’t answer it. Just say, I don’t open door to strangers. That way you can avoid them altogether. In case you’ve opened the door, don’t let him or her in your home. Open the door enough you can see the person. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining or cold outside, otherwise, they would have stayed home and not be bothering you.

If for some reason, you’ve let them in your home, they got a huge advantage to make their sales pitch. That’s the only they got. The salespeople know you’ll say NO right away before they even get the chance to make it inside your home.

3. Don’t be nice

Now they’re inside your home, don’t let them feel comfortable. By that I mean don’t be too conversational otherwise they’d think you’re interested in what they’re offering.

That happened to me I was too nice and open with the salesman, the next second he was all over my place with his box, his hose, his shampoos, and all his accessories to the vacuum.

4. Make an informed decision and don’t ask question

Be careful to not answering any question as they will use manipulative, high-pressure sales tactics to sell you something that you didn’t want and couldn’t afford.

The more questions you answer and the more you ask, the more you’ll fall for it. They’re trained to convince and persuade, you’re not trained to resist those shitty tactics.

I hope my story could help you better deal with salespeople in the future.

how to deal with pushy salespeople
The actual vacuum

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