Welcome to my personal blog

Welcome to My Personal Blog

Hello and Welcome to my personal blog.

I started Gotechtor in 2017, a tech site mostly about smartphones (iPhone and Android Phones) where you’ll find quality tutorials for all your smartphone problems.

While I enjoy writing at Gotechtor, I often find myself wanting to share personal thoughts on topics that would be the interest of a wide range of people.

However, I couldn’t do it there since Gotechtor is extremely niche oriented. I needed another corner for that.

That’s why I launched my personal blog, herbyjasmin.com, where I’ll share with you my journey, tips about self-development, and human potential.

My goal here is to publish at least once a month, which is reasonable as I try to spend time with family and balance work.

You can connect with me on Twitter (@herbyjasmin).

I encourage you subscribe to my newsletter so you can get notified when a new blog post is live.

That’s all for now.

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